At Blue Amaryllis, the price per night not only includes the room and the usual room services (room service twice a week and upon request), but also breakfast and all soft drinks

Together with her team, Joanna, our hotel manager, insists on spoiling you from sunrise to sunset. Every morning they will get you fresh bread from the local bakery.  Eggs are offered for every taste: hard or soft boiled, fried or scrambled. You may prefer Greek yoghurt with Greek honey, nuts and cereals – everything is on the table. Perhaps you need a coffee first? Choose one of our many kinds of coffee, from cappuccino to espresso, from white flat to lungo. Lovers of tea will be happy to see that we offer Darjeeling First Flush and many other types of tea. 

We will do everything to fulfil your desires – you just have to ask.

During the day, Joanna loves to offer delicious little treats, such as the popular Greek salad or the cake she bakes at least twice a week. 

For dinner she may cook nice meals prepares a wonderful barbeque in the big open kitchen, which is the centre and meeting point of the Blue Amaryllis.

And, last but not least, there is the big wine cellar!

The Terraces

There are more than enough terraces at the Blue Amaryllis. First of all there is the central sun terrace at the pool with the suites surrounding it. Additionally, there are two big sun terraces, one in front of suites 1, 2 and 3, and one in front of suites 7, 8 and 9. Of course every suite has its own private terrace.

Why so many terraces?

We want you to enjoy your holiday just as you want it to be. Maybe you want to be on your own and read a book uninterrupted. Perhaps you’d prefer to play with your kids by the pool. Or it’s just the two of you, enjoying the sun and reflecting on life? What about writing a book or painting a picture. Whatever you need – an island of tranquillity, cosy togetherness or a happy party – everything is possible. ​  By the way: there are 16 colourful sun umbrellas. They are beautiful eye catchers as well as necessary protection. 

The Pool

The beautiful, 25-m-long pool is situated just in front of the beaming white suites. It invites you not only to play and frolic around in but also to swim laps and enjoy a good workout. The water temperature is at agreeable average of 26°C. Isn’t that a huge waste of energy, you might ask. No, it’s not, because we produce our own energy with photovoltaic. Just at the driveway when you enter the site, you see the big photovoltaic site where energy is obtained from sunlight. Enjoy the pleasures of swimming without feeling guilty.

We also have the Aegean Sea just in front of us, and this provides a change in swimming. The sea water is crystal clear and has a wonderful cool temperature.

The Garden

The Blue Amaryllis is situated in a spacious garden. Everything that grows there is either in blossom, such as bougainvillea or hibiscus, or smells enchanting such as honeysuckle or jasmine, or bears fruits like limes, olives or oranges.

Since the climate in Paros is so wonderfully warm und because we take good care of the plants and give them enough water to live, the garden is lush in bloom with many scents.


We want our guests to feel comfortable, which is why we have paid particular attention to many details, having remembered many hotels we got to know as guests ourselves. We saw and learned many things we wanted to also do and many things we did not want to imitate…

​ The Blue Amaryllis is equipped with a powerful air conditioning system (a/c), not in the shape of a box that makes noise throughout the night, but with underfloor heating and cooling. The a/c reacts to the actual temperatures that is cooling the room when it is hot and heating it when it is cooler. Additionally, there is a fan for the very hot days. It is completely up to you to switch it on or not.

​ You will need a lot of towels to lie down at the pool or on the beach. Our guests don’t need to bring towels from home; we provide them with enough towels for showering, the beach and the pool. However, we kindly ask to not take them home…

The suites do not have their own kitchen, but of course there is a noiseless refrigerator.

All windows in every suite are provided with an insect screen. This means that even if you hear the mosquitos buzz, you can sleep peacefully with the window open. No mosquito will fly in and disturb you.